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Get Your Healthiest Skin in 2022!

Posted January 03, 2022

4 Minute Read:  Caring for your skin is a matter of developing good habits and seeking professional care as needed. At certain stages of life, more intervention may be welcome. But the goal is to stay ahead of the curve with products and procedures that reap exponential benefits in the next stage of life.  Here’s […]

What Can I Expect After a Facelift?

Posted December 07, 2020

2 Minute Read:  Are you considering a facelift to look more like you used to, but worried about the outcome? Those fears are common but unnecessary when you choose a qualified, board-certified surgeon with the talents and knowledge of Dr. Morales.  Learn what to expect from facelift plastic surgery and how you can help support […]

Surgical or Nonsurgical? A Guide to Facial Rejuvenation

Posted September 21, 2020

3 Minute Read:  People who are interested in facial rejuvenation now have plenty of options to choose from. The first step is to decide if you would prefer a surgical or nonsurgical procedure. While both subsets are designed to restore healthy, youthful, and glowing skin, they work very differently, and some may be better suited […]

Facial Rejuvenation: What Procedure Is Right For Me?

Posted July 31, 2018

Are you tired of your face making you look old? Do others comment on your tired, worn out appearance? The signs of aging can drain your face of youthfulness and make you seem much older than you actually are. Lines and wrinkles around your mouth, nose, and eyes begin to develop; fat deposits collect in […]

Facing a Fresh New Look Without Surgery

Posted September 11, 2017

We live in a world focused on beauty and youth. The pressure to look young and to maintain our appearance seems to be at an all-time high. Keeping a fresh, rejuvenated face can be difficult when there are some aging factors that we are unable to stop. Even with rigorous efforts, fighting off wrinkles and […]

Now Offering Morpheus8!

Dr. David Morales is proud to announce that Morpheus8 RF Microneedling is now being offered!

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