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Breast Reduction in Dallas, TX

Breast reduction surgery provides relief for women with large, cumbersome breasts. Ideal breast size and shape varies between women based on their body frame and personal desires. If your large breast size impacts your health, lifestyle, or confidence, then a breast reduction may be the solution to restoring a more attractive and manageable bustline. Reducing the amount of tissue and contouring your breasts can help you find peace and confidence in your appearance. Contact Dr. David Morales in Dallas, TX and regain the comfort that comes with having lighter, better-proportioned breasts.

What Are Your Goals?

Smaller Breasts

Large, pendulous breasts can feel like a distraction, or they may generate unwanted attention. Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin and fat, lightening the weight of your breasts. Creating smaller breasts also improves their overall shape and contour.

Pain Relief

Heavy breasts can place pressure on the neck and spine, leading to chronic back pain. For some women, this discomfort can be debilitating, preventing them from living their life happily and comfortably. Reducing breast size provides significant relief from this pain.


If one breast is larger than the other, your bustline can look unbalanced. By resizing one or both breasts, we can make them evenly matched. Having symmetrical breasts can create a more pleasing and attractive aesthetic.

Improved Lifestyle

Cumbersome breasts can prevent you from engaging in many activities you love. Whether it’s due to physical or emotional discomfort, you should not have to limit the ways you get to enjoy life. Additionally, lighter breasts can make you look and feel better and change your life.

Breast Reduction Process


  • Dr. Morales will examine your physical and medical needs and then make a recommendation for treatment.
  • He ensures that all breast procedures create a balanced, natural look.
  • He will review your medical history to determine that you are in good health for your procedure.
  • You can review before and after photos to identify the breast look and shape you most desire.
  • It is important to thoroughly discuss your aesthetic needs with Dr. Morales so that he can provide you with the breast reduction results you want.

Anchor Incision

  • This is the most common incision used for breast reduction, as it provides the dramatic correction most women require.
  • We create an incision around the areola and a vertical incision that extends down the lower breast and along the natural crease.
  • With this incision, we can remove excess breast tissue, tighten the skin, and elevate the nipple-areolar complex.


Breast Lift

  • Breast lift techniques are often utilized during breast reduction surgery.
  • These methods target the sagging that is commonly seen in women with cumbersome breasts.
  • Lifting the breasts can improve the pendulous appearance of your bust and create a more pleasing shape.


  • Liposuction can be used to reduce the size of the breasts or contour the surrounding areas.
  • Removing excess fat to shape the body can make your breasts look attractive and balanced with the rest of your physique.
  • Standalone liposuction to the breasts can be used to treat breasts that only require minimal reduction of fatty tissue.

Addressing Your Concerns

The Procedure

The procedure usually lasts three to four hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. You will be given general anesthesia so that you will be asleep for the duration of the surgery. Dr. Morales will operate through the incision, removing excess tissue. The nipple-areolar complex is repositioned to ensure that your breasts maintain a natural appearance.

Recovery Experience

Your breasts will be bandaged and wrapped in a compression garment to minimize swelling. Postoperative discomfort may last for several days, and you should limit the movement of your upper body. Most women return to work after 10 to 14 days. You can usually return to your exercise routine after four weeks.


The cost of breast reduction surgery varies depending on the technique(s) used for your surgery and other factors, such as the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees. A detailed price quote will be provided for you at your consultation.


Your breasts will first appear swollen and possibly larger than you anticipated. As the swelling abates, you will begin to see the final shape and position of your breasts. Breast reduction surgery is permanent, but becoming pregnant or gaining weight can change the quality or look of your breasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction is a routine surgery with minimal risk of side effects. Issues that may develop are mild and include bleeding, infection, and scarring.
Temporary loss of nipple sensation is normal, and most women regain sensation after several months. However, if preserving your nipple sensitivity is important, please bring up your concerns during your consultation.
Dr. Morales will use your body measurements to determine which breast size and shape will look most attractive with your physique. Your surgery will be tailored to maintain this attractive balance.
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