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Body Contouring

People who have lost a significant amount of weight are often left with loose tissue that is impossible to improve with diet and exercise alone. Dr. Morales offers body contouring procedures to give weight loss patients a body they can be confident about. These procedures remove excess fat and skin to restore leaner and more attractive body contours. Dr. Morales works closely with each patient to determine the best procedure(s) to meet individual needs and circumstances.

What Are Your Goals?

Tighten Skin

Despite a person’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle, skin that has been stretched for a significant amount of time usually cannot shrink back to its original shape and size. In addition to having an impact on an individual’s appearance, loose skin can cause physical discomfort including chafing, irritation, hygiene concerns, and frustration as it gets in the way of normal tasks and body movements. Various body contouring procedures can remove loose skin and tighten the remaining skin so that it fits snugly around the natural contours of the body.

Eliminate Stubborn Fat

Even after successfully losing a massive amount of weight, pockets of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise may remain in certain areas. A long weight loss journey may feel frustratingly incomplete when you are struggling to get rid of persistent fat. Body contouring procedures can eliminate stubborn fat from the body and give you the long-term shape restoration you desire to finally complete your weight loss journey.

Improve Body Shape

The process of losing a significant amount of weight can be long and arduous, but what helps many individuals along the path is the anticipation of how their bodies will feel and look after their journey’s end. Unfortunately, when excess tissue ultimately remains, it can be both embarrassing and discouraging as stubborn fat and stretched skin detract from now leaner body contours. Body contouring eliminates the stubborn fat and loose skin and lifts sagging tissues so the transformation is evident and the newly improved figure can shine.

Boost Self-Confidence

Weight loss can be an incredibly emotional experience, especially for people whose initial weight gain was the result of personal struggles such as low self-esteem, emotional trauma, or other emotional or psychological struggles. It can be difficult to shake emotional baggage after major weight loss when hanging skin and stubborn fat continue to remind you of your former shape and lifestyle. Body contouring provides an outlet for freeing yourself from this burden. Specially selected procedures can help you recreate a natural, attractive body shape about which you can feel proud and confident.

Body Contouring Procedures

A variety of body contouring procedures may be appropriate for your needs. Depending on the areas you would like treated and the type of treatment you desire, Dr. Morales will recommend one or more of the following: liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, thigh lift, arm lift, breast lift, and/or breast augmentation.


  • Also called “lipoplasty”
  • Removes fat deposits that are difficult to target with diet and exercise
  • Requires small incisions in the treatment area
  • Removes fat through a small metal tube using suction
  • Permanently removes fat from the body
  • Can be performed almost anywhere on the body
  • Ideal for weight loss patients with good skin quality
  • Can be combined with other procedures to remove fat along with skin
  • Also called “abdominoplasty”
  • Improves the contour of the abdomen
  • Tightens separated abdominal muscles
  • Removes excess fat and skin from the upper and lower abdomen
  • Incision extends along the lower abdomen between the hips
  • Can be performed as a mini tummy tuck for patients who have loose skin and muscle separation in the lower abdomen only
  • Can be performed as part of a body lift for patients who have a lot of loose skin in the abdominal area and lower body

Body Lift

  • Also called “circumferential abdominoplasty”
  • Improves the contours of the entire waistline and lower body
  • Removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen, waist, buttocks, flanks, and back
  • Tightens torn or stretched abdominal muscles to improve waistline definition
  • Also lifts the thighs and buttocks
  • Incision extends around the outside of the hips to the back
  • Recommended for patients who have a lot of loose skin in the midsection and lower body
  • Can significantly improve overall body contour
  • Also called “thighplasty”
  • Improves the contours of the outer and inner thighs
  • Tightens, lifts, and removes excess tissue to produce smoother, more attractive thighs
  • Ideal for weight loss patients who have stretched skin that hangs on the outer thighs and gathers on the inner thighs
  • Can make simple tasks like walking more comfortable and enjoyable

Arm Lift

  • Also called “brachioplasty”
  • Removes stretched excess skin from the upper arms
  • Restores a more healthy and slender upper arm contour
  • Corrects loose skin that flaps and moves with every arm motion
  • Incisions are hidden on the underside of the arm
  • Also called “mastopexy”
  • Corrects tissue laxity in the breasts due to aging and weight loss
  • Improves the shape and position of the breasts
  • Removes excess skin to restore breast firmness
  • Elevates the breasts to a more youthful position
  • May also reduce and reposition the nipples and areolas
  • Can be combined with breast augmentation if more breast volume is desired


  • Also called “augmentation mammaplasty”
  • Restores breast volume loss after major weight loss
  • Inserts implants into the breasts to increase their size and enhance their shape
  • Patients can choose from a range of implant styles, sizes, textures, and profiles
  • May be combined with breast lift surgery to remove excess skin and reposition the breasts

Addressing Your Concerns


Frequently Asked Questions

Most body contouring procedures are performed using general anesthesia.
Every patient who comes in for body contouring after weight loss is unique. You could need a tummy tuck and liposuction, or perhaps a body lift, or even just an arm lift. Dr. Morales will discuss your options with you and recommend the procedures that are best for your specific needs and goals.
Scarring will depend on the location of your surgical incisions and your body’s natural healing ability. Dr. Morales places the incisions as discreetly as possible, but it is likely that you will have some visible scarring after your surgery. Most patients feel that the surgical scars are well worth the task of ridding themselves of excess skin after weight loss. You can lower your potential for scarring by using silicone scar sheets and minimizing sun exposure as much as possible. Scarring will likely fade over time.
Some insurances may offer coverage of qualifying body contouring procedures. For example, if your surgeon indicates that you are experiencing rashes, irritation, pain, and other health issues due to excess skin, your insurance provider may grant coverage for the procedure. Contact your insurance provider for more information about your potential for qualifying for coverage of body contouring procedures.