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Male Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular with male patients. Many men desire a youthful face, fit body, and clearly defined features, but that’s not always achievable without some assistance. More and more men have become attuned to the benefits of cosmetic procedures and are seeking out these procedures to help refresh, rejuvenate, and restore their bodies. Dr. Morales offers many cosmetic procedures for male patients in Dallas, TX.

What Are Your Goals?

Lean, Trim Body

Sports and men’s health magazines feature bodies with strong muscles, sharp pectorals, and well-defined legs. While consistent, targeted exercise can aid in the development of strong muscles and masculine body contours, the results are not always as clearly defined as men desire. Those men who struggle with achieving these traits on their own can benefit from procedures like liposuction, pectoral implants, or calf implants.

Sharp, Chiseled Features

The sharp angles of a chiseled profile are an unmistakably masculine feature. Weak, small, and soft features can make the face appear more feminine. To best achieve these strong features, men may desire rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and even a neck lift or facelift.

A More Youthful Appearance

A youthful vibe is a valuable trait to have. Those men who have a youthful appearance are often perceived as having more stamina, and they are more positively viewed in a professional setting. With procedures like a facelift or eyelid lift surgery, not only can years be taken off the face, but you can also look more refreshed and alert.

Our Most Popular Male Procedures


Liposuction can take care of stubborn fat deposits that have collected throughout the body and proven to be resistant to healthy eating and consistent exercise. For men, liposuction can provide sculpted and more proportionate body contours. Common treatment areas are the abdomen, love handles, chest, and neck.

The desire for a masculine chest is strong for many men, but excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin can make the chest look undefined and feminine. Men can find relief by reducing the size of their breasts with gynecomastia surgery. Liposuction is performed, if necessary, to remove unwanted fat. Additional fat, glandular tissue, and skin are then excised to leave behind a firmer, more masculine chest.


Having a firm and smooth chest is not enough for some men. A larger, more sculpted chest can be the result of years of working out. However, some men don’t have the time or genetic predisposition to develop those muscles. Pectoral implants can be used to create stronger chest definition.

The nose is the focal point of the face. For men who desire a strong profile and chiseled features, rhinoplasty can improve the size and shape of the nose and give it a more sharp and masculine shape.

Upper Eyelid

Nothing can make a face look more rested and alert than eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). When the skin of the upper eyelids begins to sag and droop, the face can take on a tired, aged look. It can also make men look angry. By removing excess skin on the upper lids, Dr. Morales can give the eyes a more rested and alert appearance.

When sagging skin obscures the transition between the neck and chin, a man’s jawline looks weak, and this ages him. With a facelift and/or neck lift, sagging skin can be tightened to provide a strong neckline, emphasize the jaw, and reduce wrinkles on the lower face. This procedure is customized to minimize signs of aging in the man’s desired treatment areas.

Other Concerns


While every recovery process is different, each surgical procedure does require some downtime in order to promote a strong recovery. Most procedures require approximately a week of rest. Regular daily activities can typically be resumed after a week or two, including a return to work. Dr. Morales will clear more strenuous activities. During the consultation appointment, Dr. Morales will review the specific recovery instructions for the procedure(s) chosen.


Each surgical procedure has its own associated costs and additional factors that determine the final costs. During your consultation with Dr. Morales, he will review the procedure(s) that you're interested in, and he will provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs.


Results of each procedure vary, and as with the recovery process, your results will depend on your body’s healing abilities. Results of surgical procedures are typically long lasting unless significant changes occur. For example, significant weight gain will affect the results of liposuction. The aging process does not stop, so the results of a facelift or eyelid surgery may delay further signs of aging. Dr. Morales will discuss your expected results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any surgical procedure does carry some risk, but these can be minimized by following Dr. Morales’ pre-operative care instructions. Some risks include bleeding, infection, and visible scarring. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Morales will review the risks of your specific procedure with you in detail.
During your consultation appointment, Dr. Morales will discuss pre-operative care instructions that will help minimize risks and aid in your recovery. These may include refraining from smoking or ceasing to take certain medications. It is essential to follow these pre-surgical instructions carefully.
Taking care of yourself is the primary way you can maintain your surgical results for a long time. Eating a healthy, varied diet ensures that your body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to keep your organs functioning at their optimum levels. Maintaining a consistent exercise routine also ensures that you stay at a healthy weight.
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