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How to Choose Your Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgeon

Posted February 01, 2021 in Mommy Makeover

2 Minute Read:  The decision to undergo a Mommy Makeover is a big one. You may have many questions and concerns regarding this major surgery, but finding the right surgeon is the first thing to do.  It is important to feel confident that your surgeon is well-qualified to address your specific needs and concerns while […]

How to Care For Your New Breasts After Breast Reduction

Posted January 04, 2021 in Breast Reduction

2 Minute Read:  Patients may be wondering what to expect after undergoing breast reduction surgery. Your recovery is, in many ways, just as important as the procedure itself. It can be beneficial to know what the recovery process will be like so you can prepare yourself.  Keep reading for a complete breakdown of what your […]

What Can I Expect After a Facelift?

Posted December 07, 2020 in Facelift, Facial Rejuvenation

2 Minute Read:  Are you considering a facelift to look more like you used to, but worried about the outcome? Those fears are common but unnecessary when you choose a qualified, board-certified surgeon with the talents and knowledge of Dr. Morales.  Learn what to expect from facelift plastic surgery and how you can help support […]

Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your Mommy Makeover Results

Posted October 16, 2020 in Mommy Makeover

3 Minute Read:  A woman’s body changes significantly during pregnancy. A Mommy Makeover can help a woman regain her pre-baby body by combining breast augmentation surgery, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and liposuction.  While these results are intended to last, the stress of motherhood can take a toll on your body, negatively affecting your Mommy Makeover results. […]