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Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reduction: What Should You Know?

Posted October 03, 2022 in Gynecomastia Surgery, Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

4 Minute Read:  Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by excess breast tissue and fat in men that can resemble a female breast. Often, this is impossible to correct with diet and exercise alone. This condition can be caused by: Hormonal factors Medications Loss of skin elasticity Weight gain Before undergoing surgery to correct gynecomastia, you […]

Is Plastic Surgery Appropriate for Obese Patients?

Posted April 01, 2022 in Body Contouring, Plastic Surgery

3 Minute Read:  One of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery is that these procedures can help men and women lose weight and have the figure of their dreams.  However, this is not necessarily true.  While you may lose a few pounds from removed fat and/or skin, cosmetic surgery is not intended for weight […]