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Posted July 18, 2023 in Arm Lift

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While plastic surgery can transform women’s and men’s bodies for the better, the unfortunate reality is that these procedures inevitably result in scarring. 

The extent and location of the scar depends on the type of cosmetic surgery performed, with some procedures (such as tummy tuck surgery) requiring longer incisions and others (such as facelift surgery) requiring shorter incisions. 

Woman lifting her arm above her head.

One of the most transformative cosmetic procedures available is arm lift surgery (brachioplasty), which helps women and men attain sleeker, more toned arms. 

Though this procedure focuses on removing excess skin from the underside of the upper arms, an arm lift can significantly improve your aesthetic. 

Since many patients worry about the scarring they will experience after their arm lift, this blog will explore these resulting scars and discuss the benefits of this procedure.

What Scars Can I Expect After Arm Lift Surgery?

With an arm lift, subcutaneous fat is removed from the upper arm (usually with liposuction surgery), the tissue is repositioned, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is pulled tightly to contour the arm. 

The extent of the incisions (placement and length) depends on the type of arm lift technique used. Dr. Morales offers three different arm lift techniques: the limited-incision arm lift, the standard arm lift, and the extended arm lift. 

  • The limited-incision technique requires the incision to be made in the armpit. This placement conceals the incision and resulting scar; however, this arm lift approach is only used for patients who experience excess fat high up on the arms. 
  • The standard and extended techniques require an incision stretching from the armpit to the elbow. Though the incision is made on the underside of the arm (thereby limiting the visibility of the resulting scar), the scar will be visible if you wear short-sleeved shirts. 

What Are the Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery?

If you undergo arm lift surgery with either the standard or extended technique, you will inevitably have a visible scar on the underside of your upper arms. However, surgical scars fade over time, and most patients report that the resulting scar is minor compared to the many benefits of an arm lift. 

After your arm lift, you can expect to have more shapely and toned arms that help to redefine your entire body aesthetic. You will no longer have sagging skin that hangs beneath your arms (often called “bat wings”). 

Instead, you will be able to wear short-sleeved shirts and dresses without any worry of unshapely arms. In addition to the stunning physical benefits of this procedure, an arm lift can help you achieve increased comfort and confidence with the appearance of your arms. This can help improve your quality of life and make you feel proud of your physique!

In the End…

Scars are a reality of any surgical procedure. And while they may keep you from having the flawless complexion you desire, these scars are the result of you achieving the contoured appearance you have been wanting. The simple truth is that most people you meet won’t even notice your arm lift scars; instead, they’ll only notice how amazing your arms look!

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