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Posted December 06, 2022 in Breast Augmentation

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Drop and fluff is a phrase that characterizes the way breast implants settle into and integrate with natural breast tissue. 

During breast augmentation, the surgeon creates pockets in the breast tissue to accommodate the implants. Immediately after breast augmentation, the breasts are wrapped in a compression garment to help control swelling and bruising caused by the procedure. 

A woman with large breasts, wearing a bra and blue jeans.

If you’ve undergone breast augmentation, you can expect these normal surgical side effects to improve significantly after about two weeks. At this time, you may notice that your breasts are sitting very high on your chest and may not look natural. Don’t worry — it takes time for your implants to settle into the proper position.

When Will My Breast Implants Drop? 

Implant dropping is a normal part of the post-surgical process and begins when most of the swelling has subsided. However, the time it takes for your implants to drop varies considerably and depends on a number of factors:

  • Implants placed over the muscle – With subglandular placement, you can expect your implants to drop relatively quickly.
  • Implants placed under the muscle – With submuscular placement, dropping takes more time, but it will occur as the muscles relax and become accustomed to the implants.
  • Size of implants – Generally speaking, gravity causes larger implants to drop faster than smaller ones.
  • Elasticity of breast skin – Women with tighter breast skin may experience a longer wait for their breast implants to drop, while those with looser breast skin will accommodate the implant more quickly.

Given these considerations, your breast implants should drop between three weeks and three months after your procedure.

When Will My Breast Implants Fluff?

Shortly after your implants drop, they will “fluff,” appearing less round and more tapered, filling out the lower breast area like a natural breast

Of course, the appearance of your augmented breasts will depend on the shape and placement of the implants. Some women want rounder breasts that provide dramatic cleavage, while others prefer natural-looking breasts.

Breast Implants in Women With Well-Developed Chest Muscles

Athletic women with firm chest muscles usually have to wait a little longer for drop and fluff to complete as the tight muscles are slower to relax. 

What if One Breast Implant Drops Before the Other?

Sometimes one breast implant drops faster than the other. Again, don’t worry — this happens all the time and is completely normal, as implants with more surrounding space will drop faster than those with less space.

Breast Augmentation in Dallas, TX

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