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Posted March 07, 2018 in Breast Lift

Breast Lift Patient by Dr MoralesFor most people, breast enhancement means making the breast larger. We usually accomplish this by placing implants during a breast augmentation. However, there are other reasons you may be unhappy with the appearance of your breasts. Poorly shaped or sagging breasts can be a source of dissatisfaction you have with your physique. In these cases, breast lift surgery may be the solution to your needs.

Why Do I Have Drooping?

Sagging develops because the tissue has become weak, and gravity pulls the breasts downward. Breast drooping becomes more pronounced as you age. However, physical changes, such as pregnancy or weight fluctuations, can cause ptosis (sagging) to become more severe. In some cases, breast laxity is also associated with volume loss.

How Bad Is My Sagging?

The degree of your breast sagging will impact the technique that should be used for your surgery. Understanding the advancement of your ptosis will help you understand what options are available to you. However, a final evaluation by a board-certified plastic surgeon will provide the most accurate assessment of your needs.

  • Grade I: Lower breast tissue sits at the inframammary line, and the nipples point forward in a natural position.
  • Grade II: A moderate amount of breast tissue is positioned below the inframammary crease, but the nipples still point forward.
  • Grade III: A moderate portion of breast tissue sits below the crease, and the nipples begin to point downward.
  • Grade IV: A significant amount of tissue sits below the breast crease, and the nipples point toward the floor.

How Can a Breast Lift Help Me?

The purpose of a breast lift is to elevate your sagging breast tissue, while also providing support. With breast lift surgery, we reposition the breast, helping it to sit higher on the chest and appear firmer. We may also reposition the nipple-areola complex so that it’s placed in a more attractive position. If your breasts show a loss of volume, then we can use implants to increase the size of your bustline.

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