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Posted September 03, 2021 in Mommy Makeover

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Many women incorrectly assume that Mommy Makeover surgery is only beneficial to women who have had children. In truth, Mommy Makeover surgery is just a coined term for a combination of breast and body procedures that target the primary areas affected by childbirth. 

Being a mom is not a prerequisite for the surgery.

Before and after weight-loss concept with tape measure tied around waists

Achieving a flatter stomach and more youthful breasts is the ultimate dream for most women. Sometimes, you may put in the work required by observing a strict diet and dedicating countless hours to the gym only to lose a lot of weight but leave behind sagging skin that diminishes your weight-loss results.

Mommy Makeover for Significant Weight Loss

Significant weight loss can have similar effects on a woman’s body as childbirth. When the body becomes smaller with massive weight loss, the skin and soft tissues of many areas of the body may lose their elasticity, leading to redundant, hanging skin. Often, women will experience considerable skin sagging in multiple areas of the body that can be addressed with a Mommy Makeover.


Dr. Morales may combine a set of custom procedures that target all of the areas of your body affected by significant weight loss. 


Specifically, liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift and/or augmentation are the most commonly performed procedures in a Mommy Makeover surgery. These procedures seek to restore a tighter and smoother appearance to your features in a more comprehensive manner.

Tummy Tuck

Patients can finally eliminate loose, excess skin in the abdomen with a tummy tuck, remove stretch marks, and tighten underlying abdominal muscles for a flat, well-toned appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Losing weight can result in loss of volume of the breasts. With breast augmentation, women can enhance their bust appearance by making them fuller, rounder, and more attractive.

Breast Lift

Sagging breasts that have lost their definition can also benefit from breast lift surgery. The procedure creates a tighter, more elevated, and youthful look for moderate to severe sagging. 

Combining a breast lift with implants can be an excellent solution for enhancing breasts that have lost both volume and shape.


Your Mommy Makeover treatment may include liposuction to help remove the isolated pockets of fat that have remained unresponsive to exercise or diet.

Wondering About Your Results?

If you are curious about your potential results, check out Dr. Morales’ before and after photo gallery to see how these procedures have helped his past patients.

Can a Mommy Makeover Help You?

If you feel like you are in a place in your weight loss journey that would benefit from a Mommy Makeover, we would like to meet with you to explain your options and help you decide which procedures will be right for you. 

During your consultation, Dr. Morales will evaluate your body concerns, discuss your aesthetic goals and recommend a combination of procedures to address your specific needs. Contact us today at 214-827-8407 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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