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Posted August 16, 2017 in Breast Reconstruction

The breasts are an important part of a woman. They help define her femininity. When a woman loses her breasts due to breast cancer following a mastectomy, it might end up affecting her entire self-image. Not only did she go through a life-altering experience emotionally, but physically she might not feel like herself anymore. Many women post-mastectomy consider undergoing breast reconstruction surgery to regain more feminine breasts to restore their confidence and well-being. Breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy is a difficult choice to make. Many women want to achieve a more feminine figure but do not know if breast reconstruction is the right procedure for them.

Ideal Breast Reconstruction Candidates

Bilateral Latissimus Flap Reconstruction with Silicone Implants by Dr. MoralesA woman following a mastectomy or lumpectomy who would like to regain her breast tissue and shape may be an ideal breast reconstruction candidate. The best candidates have the following qualities:

  • Have fully recovered from their mastectomy or any other breast cancer treatments
  • Are physically healthy and do not have any other severe medical issues
  • Do not smoke or over-consume alcohol
  • Are realistic in their expectations (Breast reconstruction surgery may not be able to restore the breasts completely, but it can create more natural-looking breast contours.)
  • Are willing to follow all pre-and post-surgical instructions to ensure a safe recovery and efficient outcome

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Many breast reconstruction patients should understand that they may not be able to achieve their original breasts before breast cancer. It could take one or more procedures to create satisfying, life-changing results. Depending on the patient, the following techniques may be employed during breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Tissue expander technique: A tissue expander is surgically placed beneath the breast tissue to be gradually filled periodically as the muscle expands over a four to six-month period. Once the tissues and muscles have adequate room, a breast implant can be placed.
  • Tissue flap technique: A patient’s breast tissue is used to create a breast mound to allow space for breast implant placement. Typically muscle, tissue, or fat are used from the patient’s abdomen, back, or buttocks to be attached to the chest wall. Different tissue flap techniques can be utilized to provide an individualized approach to breast reconstruction.
  • Unilateral reconstruction: A breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction can be performed in cases when only one breast requires reconstruction. Breast asymmetry can be restored creating breasts that match the physique underneath clothing and unveiled.

Breast reconstruction surgery can create a figure that helps a woman feel more like herself. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Morales today to see if breast reconstruction surgery is the right procedure for you! He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in performing many breast surgeries. Contact us by calling (214) 827-8407 or by filling out our online contact form.