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Posted August 10, 2016 in Breast Reduction, Plastic Surgery

While it is not the most popular cosmetic procedure according to recent statistics, breast reduction is by far one of the most rewarding and worthwhile cosmetic surgeries for women. Here are the top benefits of this procedure:

Heavy, Cumbersome Breasts No Longer Cause Pain

Very large breasts are desirable to many women, but not when it costs them their comfort. Back pain is the top complaint from oversized breasts, followed by skin irritation or sores from bra straps that cut into the skin. Breast reduction surgery will remove the excess weight to provide instant relief. Patients find that their posture and comfort improves significantly without the extra burden.


Lighter Breasts May Lead to Better Performance in Sports

Large breasts can cause a problem for those who are active in sports, especially tennis players. Tennis star Simona Halep got a breast reduction when she was 17, going from a size 34DD to a 34C. Some speculate that the surgery helped her achieve her numerous victories, as the procedure likely improved her swing and reaction time. Increased success in other sports that involve swinging the arms, such as boxing and golfing, can also be impacted by breast size.

Breast Reduction Makes Exercise Easier

Many women who have large breasts have problems finding sports bras that offer adequate support. Any exercise that involves running or rebounding can make working out with large breasts uncomfortable and difficult. In addition, the Cooper’s ligaments within the breasts can stretch along with the impact, increasing the risk of breast sagging over time. Breast reduction surgery not only improves the appearance of the breasts, but it will offer relief, improved mobility, and an easier time finding a supportive sports bra.

Clothing Fits Better and Boosts Confidence

Bra shopping in general also becomes easier for breast reduction patients. Not only are smaller bra sizes easier to find, but the prints, styles, and fabrics offer a wider variety. Women feel more confident as they can wear lacy, sexy bras beneath tops that are a smaller size or more form-fitting.

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