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Dr. David E. Morales - Dallas Plastic Surgeon

As a respected member of the Dallas plastic surgical community, Dr. David E. Morales is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Devoted to the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Morales strives to provide individualized attention to all his patients with an unwavering focus on every detail of their care.

As a graduate of the prestigious and celebrated Harvard Medical School, Dr. Morales has always been driven to excel and lead throughout his distinguished education. Returning to Dallas to train at the eminent Southwestern Medical Center Department of Plastic Surgery was an easy decision for this Texas native and University of Texas at Austin Longhorn.

“It‘s a privilege and joy to get to know and work with my patients, applying the best of my artistic ability, medical knowledge and surgical technique to develop an optimal and safe operative plan to realize their goals.”

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Dr. Morales,

Thank you so much for spending so much time with me. I feel very safe and comfortable knowing you will be doing my surgery. …My chin surgery was one of the best things I ever did for myself…You truly do help people be their personal best – and this is a great, great thing! So thank you, Thank You! I look forward to seeing you,

Sincerely, - Dallas, TX

Dear Dr. Morales,

See this smile on my face? You put it there! Your honesty and great work are appreciated.

- Dallas, TX

Dear Dr. Morales,

Thank you so much for everything. The speed with which you got me in was greatly appreciated. You did a wonderful “job,” for lack of a better word. Good luck in your future practice! And, thank you again.

Sincerely, - Dallas, Texas

Dearest Dr. Morales,
What more can I say? Thanks for sharing the magic.

- Dallas, Texas

Dr. David Morales,
Thank your for the wonderful surgery. I love my new look. You did such a beautiful job. I will never be able to thank you or do for you like you did for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Dallas, TX

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